Sunday, October 18, 2009

Islandhopper Dines at Bob's

Tritan Plaza
Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City

The Bait:
Namets-inspired sampling of Bacolod food
The Line:
"Since 1965. Serving the Negrenses with Good Food For Over 40 years. "
Hook: Comfort Food
The Sinker:
Birthing blues with service not up to the first flux of wannabe-the-first-to-try diners.
The Catch:
P350 per person; exclusive of dessert

In our marriage's restaurant choosing power play, he usually says, "same old, same all-time favorite." And she says, "anything we've never tried before."

This weekend's date night brought about a happy compromise.

Bacolod's Pride, Bob's, has been in Manila for just a few weeks. But it's been satisfying the Negrense diners since 1965. It satisfies my husband's craving for the familiar; the dishes vaguely reminds us of Dayrit's comfort food. Spanking new and already attracting a wait-in-line clientele, it sates my hunger for the novel.

If you're looking for newfangled cuisine, Bob's is not the place for you. The food is no-frills, no-surprises, just-eat-it-and-enjoy, yummy in my tummy, comfy for my soul food.

This old married couple ordered the prosaic and predictable. Buffalo Wings (5 pcs for P250) with blue cheese dip. Good, but not outstanding given the metro's choices of hot wings. Bob's Chorizo Sandwich (P105) was a bit of a disappointment -- delicious chorizo filling, but too much bread for not a whole lot of meat. They need to double up the chorizo serving and give it some visual interest. It is arguably the most boring looking sandwich on the face of the earth. The Big Boy Cheeseburger (P170) compensates. It doesn't blow your taste buds away, but it pleasantly satisfies with it simple, beefy goodness.

The major disappointment was the absence of desserts. The mention of Bacolod food conjures visions of napoleones and other sweet treats. The cafe counter fridge offers only a blah display of chocolate cakes and brazos de mercedes.

The main pic above is their place mat, which shows a copy of their menu circa 1965. Nostalgic. But shows the stark contrast of today's prices, thousands of percentage over. A bit depressing.

The service was a bit sucky; repeated follow-ups necessary before food and drinks are served. But that's also because the place was packed. We're going to give it another chance though. The steak and eggs breakfast insists on being tried.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't know why Bob's even opened in Manila, given all that competition which serve much better food than they do.

They are ok in Bacolod because competition isn't that stiff. I mean, good food here isn't usually found under one roof. You have to know where to get the best ensaimada, or the best chocolate cake, etc.

As a restaurant, they are mediocre. It's just they have been in Bacolod for ages! And like tradition, can't beat name recall and familiarity.

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