Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To Poof or Not to Poof: That is the Question of the Day

Had a real nice dinner with a girlfriend last night. And we know that when two or more women gather, the discussion inevitably leads to the topic of men. And this is the question that we deliberated on last night. I am interested to know what others think. Please comment. Share your passionate views.

The question is: Do real men use the poof to clean themselves in the bath or shower?

I will share my views after hearing from you.


sTEDdy said...

I shared a pad with a close friend when I was in college. I was so surprised when he came home one afternoon and said that he bought 2 stuffs like that (i don't even know its name). Take note: 2 different colors, blue and white if i remember it correctly. Then he asked me to choose a color. I said, "what the f?"


Ed Ebreo said...

That's what it's called? Poof?! Kinda reminds me of something.

rise said...

I’m eyeing it suspiciously as it looks non-biodegradable to me.


Miss F said...

I'm weirded out by any MAN who uses the poof, assortment of gels, conditioner and other vanity products.

(products to correct or remedy imperfections are perfectly justified- zit creams, eskinol, anti-dandruff, special toothpaste to whiten yellow teeth, etc.)

Of course they want to look good for the ladies' and to maintain an image in society- who wants to look like a slob?- but anyone who stays at the shower far longer than me or has a manicure is entirely suspect.

using the poof shows strong desire to be squeaky clean and fresh, but men should know that being gritty, tough and active, they'd easily become sweaty when they confront the reality of daily life, pollution and nature anyway. simply put, they should not be afraid to dive into the dirt. also, using the poof implies hostility to germs and dirt which is totally unbecoming.

the only exceptions i can think of are: using the poof to thoroughly clean oneself in preparation for a lover or after falling in the ditch.