Friday, November 12, 2010

Cards and Such

I hate it when I get nice gift tags because it takes so much effort and forced detachment to write on them and give them away. So it took me a while to give this gift tag away.

My BFF Mariced created this, and it's special to me because she knows I love dragonflies. Loving dragonflies is one of many things we have in common.

We're also both papyvores! We squeal in delight and freak out when we get inside paper stores.

I finally decided to use the dragonfly card yesterday, and I made sure I used it as the tag for a gift for another BFF, Cindy. But not without taking a pic and immortalizing it here.

If you're a papyvore like I am, you will love MPress Letterpress products. They're just not pretty to look at. They're also very tactile, because the old fashioned printing method gives it texture.

When I was a in LA, a few years back, I got the chance to try out the letterpress machine. Letterpress printing is such a sensual process -- heavy metal touching bare skin; the scent of old type ink; visual stimulation in choosing the types; repetitive, rhythmic motions. I could see how that could be addictive. And why my friend, (Grammy Award Nominee) Mariced, better known as Maria, is in love with the process.

Learn more about letterpress printing by visiting MPress's new blog. Fascinating for paper geeks. I love the first post -- the story of her gorgeous 2009 calendar. I'm never going to throw mine away.

And here is where you order.


Stepford Mum said...

I love dragonflies too, Gege! Maybe because my classmates in high school said I looked like one - apparently there was a UK cartoon when we were kids featuring a dragonfly that looked like me.

We have dragonfly ribbons at our store, you might want to add them to your collection of beautiful paper :)