Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last Breath

Thank you to the readers of this blog. Even though I have not been the most diligent blogger, I have always enjoyed writing to share my thoughts with other people.

Blogging, for me, to a great extent, is self-indulgent. I love to write, especially when it's not required or paid writing. I love the idea of documenting a slice of my life, so that at some point in the future, I can look back and smile at the recollection, relive the details I have captured in print. The audience becomes totally irrelevant, because I write to write. I write to an audience of one -- me.

On the other hand, I also enjoy the idea that somehow I can help find others find a good restaurant and a great book, thus sharing with them the joy, extending the experience. I love the comments. I love the feedback. I love the idea that I have made somebody laugh, or try out a new dish, or run to the nearest bookstore.

Anyway, I will continue to blog, because erratic blogger as I am, I will die a little bit if I stop blogging. I just won't be blogging in this URL any more.

Those who are following me here for the foodie and travel bits, please head on over to Don't forget to "follow" me. I have several restaurant reviews in the pipeline, plus some highlights of last year's stay at Plantation Bay.

Those who are interested in books and those who want to follow the adventures of our book club, join me at

It will be great if you would continue to read both blogs.

This particular blog will disappear after all the clean-up work is done.

See you!


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