Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Seafood Island

Cuisine: Seafood
Location:Shopwise Arcade in Cubao, Eastwood, and Market Market!

After a stressful yet victorious event, the 5 of us were hungry.

So we got into Seafood Island and ordered the boodle, which according to my famished friends, is a pirate term for foodfest. The menu said it can feed 5-6 people. It wasn't in the fineprint, but they must have meant 5-6 little girls with anorexic tendencies. Because it wasn't enough! If real pirates were served this, they would bang the tables with their forks, machetes, and hook hands, then stage a mutiny against the chef.

We had to order more to satisfy the stomachs of 4 normal adults plus one freak of nature whose intestines reach up to his knees, one who eats as if he hasn't eaten for a week and as if there were no tomorrow. I won't mention my glutton friend's name, but it rhymes with Doom. He and his hugemongous appetite spelled doom for the wallet of the one who was sponsoring this dinner. Because aside for the boodle, we had to add 3 more dishes. And had dessert at Volare afterwards.

This is good comfort food though. Well, good enough. No extraordinary flavors. Nothing novel. Just the typical Filipino grill type food they usually serve at barkada inuman places.

It was Saturday night and the place was packed. The tables and chairs were too tightly crammed. I know from my architecture classes that this kind of arrangement violates personal space bubble requirements for public dining. Ah, how I wish we had city standards for such things.

But the service was pretty fast even on this busy evening.

No particular dish lingered in my memory. But I remember that among us, we drank bottomless iced tea enough to fill up a generous sized hot tub. We had to drink that while watching our aforementioned glutton friend wipe out everything dead or alive on the table.


Boom said...

DOOM?? You rhymed my name with doom?? Alas... Humiliation via Cyberspace! ;)

gege said...

Well, you outed yourself. Tinago pa kita sa pangalang doom, which I thought was pretty cool.

Boom said...

Please... Call me Tony... as in Tony Stark! ;)