Monday, November 10, 2008


Cuisine: Delicatessen
Location: Jupiter cor. Orbit St. Bel Air Makati

The aesthetics of the place sure sets the tone for this deli. Warm, welcoming even though every thing is spanking with quality. The wood-fire grill has a lot to do with the ambiance. It's like a hearth to which people gravitate. The deli merchandise along the walls and windows serve as decor to entice you to come in and when you're inside make you feel like you're in a huge, happy, homey pantry.

Unfortunately, we went there after a week of non-stop eating, so our stomachs only had space for the Grilled Sausage Sampler (P717.60) and the bread basket. Both dishes are very good. Of the sausages which include white sausage, all-beef, and chicken, tops in flavor was the Nuremberger Bratwurst Pork sausage, which is their specialty. The breads come from their bakery, Lartizan and are served with herb butter and liver pate. (P82.20) They were so good, or we weren't as full as we thought, we ordered seconds. Next time, we have to try the cheeses; their brochure says they have 40 varieties to choose from.

They serve german beers as well as San Miguel. The men with me, predictable and boring, went for Pale Pilsen. I experimented with Murphy's Irish Stout -- black, dry, and malty. Something about the flavor reminded me of a bygone alcoholic era when my workmates and I would wind down at Glorietta's The Brewery every chance we get.

The bummer to this meal was the excitement build up for dessert -- Trio of Brulee with exotic flavors like chili-chocolate and citronella, only to be told they didn't have it on stock. Major, heartbreaking, fun-bubble-deplating disappointment. But also a good reason to come back. They better have it next time.