Monday, December 8, 2008

King's Kebab and Persian Grill

221-E Katipunan Ave. Q.C. and 668 Beacon Plaza Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City

Remember when Burger Machine was all new way back in the 80s? And it offered a refreshing new take on burger flavors? King's Kebab pretty much offers the same kind of alternative to today's shawarma eaters. If you're looking for that authentic shawarma experience with the middle eastern tickle-your-nose aroma and burn-your-tongue spicy flavors, then go to RA Salas in Ermita. Here at Katipunan, you will, instead, get a Filipinized version with a cold slaw like topping, that's perfectly refreshing in the summer heat.

And they offer much more than just shawarma, of course. The kebabs - chicken, beef, pork - can be had as part of a meal with basmati rice and condiments,

or as wraps. They also have a sampler platter if you can't decide which meat to kebab. You will enjoy the pita bread with hummus and moutabal. All of these at close to street food pricing so you can pig out without breaking a sweat.

If you do like sweating it out, you can opt for open air dining at the ground level which offers a free whiff of the grilling and Katipunan air. For those who'd like to stay cool, go to the second floor where it's air-conditioned, cozy, and the walls and lighting give a warm, rosy cast to your complexion. Huh? Just ring the bell for service.