Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The Fort, Trinoma and
Westgate Alabang

Zong is Chinese food for those who are not fond of Chinese food. I guess that's what you get when you take out the MSG and the tea-house decor and replace it with zen interiors and a fresh approach to dimsum dining.

Now, is it an "experience worthy of contemplation and remembrance" as the takeout flyer says it is? Uhm, maybe for the few seconds out of the door, when you rub your stomach and say that's a good meal, but contemplation is too big a word.

It did not take much contemplation to order. We looked at the other table and they were having the Spicy Singapore Style Fish Fillet. Waiter, we want that, pointing at the other table. Just don't make it too spicy since we're dining with senior citizens with sensitive stomachs. And though there was a stern warning on the menu about modifications, they okayed the less spicy version. The fillets are a Zong crowd fave and for good reason. We also ordered the Fujian Fried Rice with Scallop -- flavorful, can stand on its own as a full meal. I was just confused because it was generously topped with shrimps, but there was not a scallop in sight. Illegal substitution! Which made me think the scallop must have been missing also from the Squid and Scallop Balls, which is a finer version of the samurai balls served in the malls. I liked the Eggplant & Minced Pork in Hot Pot very much.

By teahouse and regular dining standards, Zong is good value for your money. Expect to spend 200-300 pesos, less with Senior citizen cards, for a meal that is worthy of uhm, "contemplation and remembrance."