Monday, December 8, 2008


Unit 207 Intrepid Plaza E. Rodriguez Ave.,Libis, Quezon City

Don't you hate it when you try out a restaurant, like it, come back after a few months and find that the servings are slightly smaller, and then come back after a few more months, and the quality has deteriorated? Such is such a familiar story in the country's restaurant industry.

That is NOT the story of this entry.

What I love about Omakase is the consistency. It is consistently good even if your visits are months apart. The other great thing is the price. If you come as a group, you get scrumptious Japanese for pretty reasonable prices. It can get expensive if there are only two of you trying several dishes.

With novelty makis like Jurassic (ebi, tempura, kani, ebiko, salmon), Dynamite (unagi, tempura, scallop), American Dream (deep fried sushi, salmon, kani, cream cheese), and Gyu Chisu (cheese wrapped in beef), Omakase might not satisfy the authentic Japanese food purists. But for those easier to please like me, the unique twists are what make this restaurant's take on Japanese food so interesting and enjoyable. Try their Tofu Steak, which is also different from the usual; instead of mixing chopped beef with cubed tofu, this one wraps the tofu in beef. There is nothing unusual about my favorite -- the grilled unagi; I guess when you're having eel, keeping it familiar lessens the apprehension for the first time eel eater. Don't worry, it takes like fish; very tasty and tender fish.

The only thing that ruined an otherwise perfect lunch was that their American Express machine was down that day we went, and has been down for 3 days they said.

Parking could be a problem on some weekends. But that Saturday, we were able to find spots in the basement.

The other sweet perk is being able to visit Booktopia while digesting and burping the satisfying meal.

A Japanese restaurant worth going back to. Predictably good every visit.