Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stuff I Like: Papemelroti Earrings Organizer

Once upon a time, I was pretty happy keeping my earrings in this pill organizer:

But then, because life is one big shopping expedition, I got more earrings and more earrings, and the earrings got bigger. And so I was not happy because my baubles didn't fit the box anymore. Then one day, while I was driving along Roces Ave., I decided to have lunch at Chocolate Kiss. But something led me to the store beside it, Papemelroti, a favorite childhood haunt. I haven't been inside one in ages because I thought I have gotten over my cutesy country phase. But I discovered there were so many cool things to buy - boxes for organizing, notepads for gifting, and a truckload of scrapbooking paraphernalia. My little shopping basket immediately got filled with goodies.

Then I was drawn to this head:

A nice metal head. I liked the girl's wide-eyed expression. And what do you know...

I brought the lady home and made her cry. She's not really sad. Those tears are my silver earrings.

I added more earrings. And more earrings. And I'm happy now. My earrings now have a beautiful home.

This is not a very well written story. But my earrings, my lady earring holder, and I shall live happily ever after.


Sherri said...

Very cool! I am a lover of earrings too, so I couldn't help but notice all the cute pairs!

Happy New year from AMERICA!